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Welcome to the website of the Christmas Heritage Preservation Foundation.
Our foundation:
The Foundation for the preservation of heritage around Christmas in the 
Netherlands has been in existence since 2010. The foundation originated from the
Association of Friends of the Christmas Group
Netherlands, which celebrated its
25th anniversary in 2019. In addition to this association, there was a need for a
foundation that is particularly
committed to the preservation of material and
intangible heritage around Christmas. For information about the objectives,
see Foundation.
Let us know via Questions and contact:
  • if you have (special) Christmas groups for us that you for posterity
    want to keep or exhibit,
  • if you have expertise on Christmas customs / traditions and / or other 
    matters related to Christmas,
  • if you have information or images for our overview marks on plaster statues,
  • if you have additions or changes to our overview of Christmas groups in museums worldwide,
  • if you want to make literature, books and other forms of knowledge available to further expand our knowledge base (for a complete overview, see our list of Christmas books),
  • if, for example, you want to sit on our board or a committee,
  • if you have any questions or comments about our Foundation.

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